About Rocket Rogers

Rocket Man, president of old 97 choppers, built his first chopper in 1966 at the age of 16. The bike was a new 1966 Triumph 650cc Bonneville, cool candy apple-tangerine color with a peanut tank and duel up sweep exhaust with a solo seat. The exhaust was stolen from his mothers Electrolux vacuum cleaner pipe attachments to get the up sweep look he wanted. This also came with a big ass whooping from mom who soon got over the loss of her new vacuum attachments because the exhaust really looked cool. (p.s. Thanks Mom)


So in 1968 while going to school at George Washington High School in Danville, Virginia with the coolest chopper in town while everyone else was riding Honda 305 dream or Yamaha 305 scramblers the Triumph 650 ruled the roost in the parking lot at school.


So one hot summer day while in English class one of the Rocket Man’s buds dared him to go outside and get on his bike and ride it down the school halls during class. The bad thing was it was a double dog dare and you can’t back out of a double dog dare! So Rocket Man raised his hand for permission to go to the bathroom and went out to the parking lot and fired up his chopper and did a long wheel stand down the campus lawn and drove through the front door of the school all the way down central hall with his loud up sweep vacuum pipes leaving large black marks on the newly polished tile hall floors. Looking behind him while cruising by the lunch room there were teachers and staff chasing him so a quick exit through the back school doors and out to the parking lot Rocket Man knew it was time to split the scene, Oh by  ,the way there was no air condition in he school so all the doors were opened, that was a good thing for the great escape deal. But things got worst in the parking lot with red lights coming from the high arsenal of the fuzz was on the scene so by jumping a ditch to a graveyard the Rocket Man made the Great Escape and sped straight to his home and stashed the triumph in the basement.


Soon a knock on the front door came and the jig was u Rocket was busted big time. The next two days Rocket spent his time cleaning up the black marks of the school floors to keep out of jail time. But no more school for him. They expelled him permanently after the floors were cleaned up. 6 months later while working ub a cotton mill from hell rocket got a letter in the mail it read “You have been chosen by your friends and neighbors and the president of the USA to serve in the United States Army and to report to the local US army headquarters within 30 days of this notice”


After serving 3 years in the 17th army infantry division in South East Asia he returned home to open a local Harley Davidson Dealership and served as Service Manager until 1981 when he opened his Family business as Rocket Rogers Building the Harley Davidson style Motorcycles



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Why do they call him the Rocket Man?
Racing is in his blood
2 wheels or 4 wheels
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Rocket Man's 2000
Victory Sports Cruiser


The Rocket Man
Loves the Hooters Girls
at the Salem Civic Center
May 31 2003

Kicking Kenny with the Washington Red Skins Cheer Leaders
at the Salem Civic Center
May 31, 2003

Kicking Kenny and Squirrel Dog
In charge of our customer complaint department

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Arlin and Cory Ness meets the Rocket Man!!!


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